URA supported housing developments transform neighborhoods, protect affordability for Pittsburgh residents, and enhance the value of our communities. Residential developer financing is offered by the URA's Housing Department. We offer a number of construction loan and grant gap financing programs that vary in features and eligibility requirements.

Financing is available for small and large-scale new construction or the rehabilitation of rental or for-sale housing. We also provide equity financing to assist community-based organizations in real estate development projects that provide housing or job creation opportunities. We work with both for-profit and non-profit developers to structure individualized financing programs that work over the long term to create sustainable housing developments.

There are a variety of financing programs available for your rental or for-sale housing development project. The Pittsburgh Housing Construction Fund is one source available for financing new construction or rehabilitation of for-sale housing. Rental Housing Development & Improvement Program provides permanent gap financing for new construction or rehabilitation of rental housing.

To discuss your residential development project with a housing development officer, contact Jessica Smith Perry, Manager, Housing Development Programs, at 412.255.6670 or .


Earning the ENERGY STAR®

The URA now requires all new residential construction projects that we build or finance earn the ENERGY STAR®.

ENERGY STAR specifications make homes more energy efficient and comfortable which helps homeowners save money on utility bills and prevents unwanted pollution from energy production (mercury, particulates, CO2, etc.) from entering our atmosphere.

The URA has also adopted the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Indoor airPLUS specifications which address other aspects of whole house performance. These additional specifications help make homes that have earned the ENERGY STAR even more durable and healthy to live in by addressing issues including moisture and indoor air quality.

Download Guidelines for Building Energy Efficient New Homes with the URA.


Tax Abatement

Multiple tax abatement programs exist for development in the City of Pittsburgh. Abatement of City, County and School taxes may be made available for your commercial or residential renovation or redevelopment project based on project type and location. Staff at the URA can assist you in making application for the product that applies to your project. Learn more >


Green Development Resources for Residential Development

The benefits of green buildings are both broad and specific. For businesses, green buildings can offer economic advantages including lower operating costs, increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and higher rental and retail sales rates. Green residential developments provide occupants with lower monthly utility bills as well as increased comfort and indoor air quality.

Pittsburgh is recognized as a leader in the construction of green buildings and we believe that the maintenance of this position is advantageous. See this compilation of Green Development incentives and resources for residential development available to you for completing your project within the City of Pittsburgh.