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Carrick Dairy District

Place based strategy to create a district around Pittsburgh Special-T Dairy (formerly Colteryahn Dairy), an important asset in the Carrick neighborhood. Project includes the Historic Dairy District Market Place, home to the Citiparks Farmer’s market and other community events.

URA Grant150kDollars


1529 Brownsville Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15210
The Historic Dairy District Marketplace is an early phase project to fulfill the vision of a catalytic, place based strategy to highlight Pittsburgh Special-T Dairy, an important asset in the Carrick neighborhood.


Former Colteryahn Dairy, now Pittsburgh Special-T Dairy, is the last remaining dairy manufacturer in the City of Pittsburgh. Building off this asset, the Carrick community is aiming to create a dairy themed district along Brownsville Road.

URA Support

The URA provided a $150,000 grant to Economic Development South (EDS), a local community development corporation, to assist in the acquisition of the strategically located site on Brownsville Road in the Carrick neighborhood.


The URA funding facilitated the construction of the Historic Dairy District Marketplace. The flexible community-owned space is now home to the Citiparks Farmers’ Market and hosts a variety of neighborhood events, from food truck roundups to maker events. The multipurpose outdoor amenity has energized a farmers market that was losing both vendors and foot traffic prior to its relocation to the visible Brownsville Road corner.


  • Developer: Economic Development South
  • Architect: Desmone Architects
  • URA Grant: $150,000 grant for site acquisition
  • Description: A newly constructed pavilion, home to the Citiparks Farmers market and other community events.
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