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COVID - Related Funding

The URA is here to provide the funding resources needed for the ongoing viability of small businesses throughout Pittsburgh. Below find links to our Emergency and Recovery Funds, along with some related local, state and national resources. 

Program Name Status Grant/Loan Max Amount Term/Eligibility
PA Small Business Program Open 6/30 Grant $50k < 25 employees
URA Emergency Loan Fund Open Loan $15k 0%, 3 yrs., < 15 emp.
URA Recovery Loan Fund Pending Loan $75k 2%, 7 yrs.
KIVA Open Loan $15k 0%, .5-3 yrs.
USChamberSSBF Open Grant $5k < 20 emp., vuln. comm.
Bridgeway Cap. Open Loan $50k 4%, flexible terms.
Honeycomb Cr. Open Loan $50k 3.75-5%, 3 yrs.
SBA PPP Open Loan $10M 1%, 2 yrs.



If you are in need of assistance with compiling a financial application or business planning, we recommend contacting these techincal assistance providers:

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