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COVID - Related Funding

The URA is here to provide the funding resources needed for the ongoing viability of small businesses throughout Pittsburgh. Below find links to the most up-to-date local, state and national resources. 


Program Name Status Grant/Loan Max Amount Term/Eligibility
URA Minority Business Recovery & Growth Loan Fund Open Loan Up to $100K 0% for first year, 2% for balance of loan term;
7 yrs.
KIVA Open Loan $15K 0%, .5-3 yrs.
Bridgeway Cap. Open Loan $50K 4%, flexible terms.
Honeycomb Cr. Open Loan $50K 3.75-5%, 3 yrs.
SBA PPP Open Loan $10M 1%, 2 yrs.



If you are in need of assistance with compiling a financial application or business planning, we recommend contacting these techincal assistance providers:

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