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Learn about federal credits for energy efficiency, Action Housing insulation and weatherization and energy consultations for homeowners.

Making your home more energy efficient is good for your heating and cooling budget, the environment and your home's value. Here's some information to help you get started:


Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

Federal tax credits are now available to help you make energy efficient upgrades to your home. To learn more, visit Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency.


ACTION-Housing (Insulation and Weatherization)

ACTION-Housing, Inc. provides a free Weatherization Program to help you make necessary repairs to an eligible unit to reduce the amount of air infiltration "out of" and "into" your home. To learn more, visit ACTION-housing.


Conservation Consultants (energy consultations)

If you're a local low-income family, CCI will work with you to help lower your utility bills by using energy smarter. CCI is also the organization that small businesses and middle class families turn to for advice on all things energy. To learn more, visit Conservation Consultants.

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