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The Pittsburgh Home Rehabilitation Program (PHRP)

PHRP offers a 0 percent interest rate loan to eligible City of Pittsburgh homeowners to improve their homes.

PHRP is an extremely affordable program designed to help maintain the City of Pittsburgh's older housing structures. The URA offers PHRP to City of Pittsburgh homeowners who earn 80 percent or less of Pittsburgh's Area Median Income (AMI). See "Income Limits by Household Size" chart below.

If you're an eligible homeowner, you may borrow up to $25,000 for a single-unit home and $35,000 for a two-unit home. The loan term can be spread over 20 years, making the monthly payment very affordable. To make your home more energy efficient, you can also take advantage of the PHRP Plus program and borrow an additional $10,000 for energy efficiency repairs. Participants in the PHRP Plus program can choose to have a 25 year loan term.

Available PHRP Grants

The following grants are available when you are also participating in the PHRP or PHRP Plus loan programs:

  1. $800 - Repair or replace public sidewalk
  2. $2,000 - Matching grant for exterior improvements
  3. $3,000 - Accessibility grant for homeowners with disabilities
  4. $10,000 - 25 percent of required lead hazard reduction work up to $10,000 and a free certified inspection
  5. $2,500 - OPTIONAL grant for energy efficiency when borrower pays $100 dollar fee

The URA will provide you with technical assistance throughout your rehabilitation. A Construction Advisor will be assigned to each loan and will work with you to finalize a work write-up. All code violations must be fixed first. As required by the Federal Government, the URA also has a certified lead inspector perform an inspection of your home. If you don't have a lead certified contractor, the URA will have contractors competitively bid on the job and you may choose a contractor from the respondents. Homeowners are not permitted to do their own work under the PHRP program. The URA Construction Advisor will inspect all work, and the URA will pay the contractor upon the homeowner's authorization.

Do You Qualify?

  • Homeowners must fall within income guidelines (see below) and provide verification of all income, with copies of the two most recent pay stubs for each wage earner.
  • Deed must be in homeowner's name.
  • You must provide a copy of your latest Income Tax Returns or Non-Filing Verification Letter (1-800-829-1040).
  • You must verify that City and County Real Estate Taxes are paid (if available).

How to Apply

To obtain an application, please download one here  or you may call our banking partner, Dollar Bank at 412-261-7502, or the URA at 412-255-6573 and ask for a PHRP Loan Application. Complete the application and attach the requested documentation for each household member and submit to:

Dollar Bank, FSB

P.O. Box 3969

Pittsburgh, PA 15230.

Once Dollar Bank approves your loan, you will be contacted by one of our inspectors.

Fee Information

There is a $500 processing PHRP fee that can be financed as part of your 0 percent loan. There is also a $100 fee if you opt for the extra Energy Efficiency Funds that you will have to pay at loan closing.


PHRP Income Limits by Household Size:

Household Size Maximum Income
1 person $42,600
2 person $48,650
3 person $54,750
4 person $60,800
5 person $65,700
6 person $70,550

Effective 6/1/18

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