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925 Technology Drive (New Parking Garage) - Construction Management and Construction Inspection Services

The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh (URA) is seeking proposals for a construction management and inspection firm (Firm) to oversee the construction of a new parking garage (925 Technology Drive) in the 4th Ward of the City of Pittsburgh (City) in the South Oakland neighborhood (Pittsburgh Technology Center).

November 16, 2020
Wednesday, December 2, 2020
Friday, December 18, 2020 at Noon ET


The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh (URA) is seeking proposals for a construction management and inspection firm (Firm) to oversee the construction of a new parking garage (925 Technology Drive) in the 4th Ward of the City of Pittsburgh (City) in the South Oakland neighborhood (Pittsburgh Technology Center). In accordance with Pennsylvania’s Separations Act, four (4) separate construction contracts will be required: general construction (site work and landscaping), structural, mechanical, and electrical. The construction highlights of the new parking garage consist of but are not limited to: 6-levels with 600 spaces, two-separate entrances (ingress and egress), solar roof canopy, 12 Electric Vehicle charging stations, bicycle parking stations, civil infrastructure alterations to the right-of-way along Technology Drive, and landscaping upgrades. The cost of the improvements for the project are estimated to be approximately $16,500,000.

The selected Firm will not serve as the constructor or designer of the project. Indovina Associates Architects, the firm responsible for the design of 925 Technology Drive will provide consultation services during construction to address design issues and to perform shop drawing review.

925 Technology Drive is anticipated to be completed in 300 calendar days. Bids for this project are expected to be advertised in January 2021. The work is expected to begin in March 2021. The proposal should allow for an additional four (4) weeks in your schedule for contract close-out and possible construction extensions that may result from unknown field conditions.

The Firm will provide construction management and construction inspection (CM/CI) services as outlined in Exhibit A. In addition, the Firm will be expected to take on the applicant’s role to facilitate and pay for all PLI required permits utilizing the OneStopPGH platform. This will assist the URA in meeting the expected start date of construction. Please include these costs in the fee component of your proposal. The Firm should estimate the permit fees based on the estimated construction cost of $16,500,000.

The Firm will be expected to assist the contractor with all coordination relating to the stakeholders and future garage tenants during construction.

To assist the URA in its evaluation of the qualifications of potential construction management/inspection Firms, we request that the following information be presented in the response to this RFP, in the same order and format as listed herein.

The Firm will be required to execute an Indemnity Agreement with the URA prior to the issuance of the Notice to Proceed. The Firm is required to follow all State and City mandated safety protocols as stated as such in the Indemnity Agreement. Refer to Exhibit B for an example agreement template.

Project Background

The new parking garage at 925 Technology Drive is located along Second Avenue and Technology Drive in the South Oakland Neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The garage will be built on the Hitachi Rail STS USA, Inc. (Hitachi) owned ground rights parcel (block and lot 11-S-62). The URA owns the air rights to this parcel (block and lot 11-S-62). The URA owned parcel (block and lot 28-N-320) will consist of the landscaping upgrades. In addition, the URA owned Technology Drive parcel (block and lot 11-S-40) will undergo utility relocation and street/sidewalk adjustments. The new parking garage will provide parking for the site’s current user of the asphalt lot, Hitachi, and the future user, Elmhurst Group, along with overflow parking on the Pittsburgh Technology Center (PTC) campus. This project will be seeking Parksmart Silver certification.

The Elmhurst Group is expected to start construction on the nearby parcel (lot and block 28-N-315) concurrently with this project. Construction staging areas for both developments are to be determined. Indovina Associates Architects will provide a Construction Management plan prior to the start of construction. Construction Documents (50%) for the project are included as Exhibit C for use in preparation of the proposal. Exhibit C can be accessed on the Public Purchase platform.

Proposal Requirements

Provide the following information in the format presented. You may provide subsections as necessary to organize your presentation: however, please retain the overall section numbering. Any supplemental information that you may wish to include regarding your qualifications should be included as a separate attachment to your response.

Each proposal must include the following:

Title Page

This should include the firm’s name, contact person, and contact information.

Table of Contents

Section 1.0 – Primary Qualification (limit to 2 pages)

Provide a brief overview of your firm and your capabilities as they relate to this work.

Section 2.0 – Project Overview

Provide a brief narrative of your Firm’s understanding of the project including why your firm is well qualified to work on the project.

Section 3.0 – Project Team Qualifications

Provide a brief profile of your firm and your subconsultant firms.

3.1 Team Qualifications (limit to 3 pages)

Provide a brief narrative that explains your team and the unique qualifications of each of the project team subconsultants and their specific roles for the project.

3.2 Firm Profiles

Provide brief profiles of your firm and your subconsultant firms. (limit to 1 page per team firm)

3.3 Project Organizational Structure

Provide a description of your team’s structure for the project. Include the prime and sub-consultant roles, reporting, and communication structure. Indicate work that you would anticipate subcontracting to others and provide the names of the companies to be used, as well as the individuals that will be assigned to this project.

Provide an Organization Chart. Identify all personnel working on the project. At a minimum, include an Executive Sponsor, Construction Manager, Lead Construction Site Inspector, and additional site inspectors to meet construction trade and work demands. The Executive Sponsor role shall be to ensure that the personnel assigned to the project are dedicated to the Project throughout the duration and to arbitrate any disputes or conflicts that arise. The Construction Manager shall have overall control of the Firm’s involvement on the Project and shall provide the primary point of communication to the URA and the Contractors, direct the work of the Construction Inspectors, review Contractor schedules, submittals, and requests for information, and track and facilitate the responses to schedules, submittals, and requests for information. The Lead Construction Site Inspector will oversee and document the day-to-day construction activities and prepare daily logs. Additional site inspectors shall be provided for specific expertise in the trades involved and shall work supplemental to the Lead Construction Site Inspector. Include subconsultants and their personnel in the organizational chart.

Field inspection staff must be OSHA certified (OSHA’s 29 CFR 1926 30-HOUR Construction Safety Training). Attachment A should include short summaries of personnel qualifications, all resumes, and OSHA certificates of key personnel.

3.4 Related Project Descriptions

Provide a list of projects completed by your Firm, with associated construction costs, dollar amounts, name of owner’s contact and phone number and/or email address that deal specifically with construction of new pre-cast parking facilities, Parksmart certified projects, multi-prime projects, site civil improvements, landscaping, OSHA safety standards, and similar construction projects located in urban areas. In particular, cite projects performed for/within the City. Indicate the amount of your construction management fee for each of the projects. Provide 3 to 5 project descriptions, limited to 1 page each. Be sure that the contacts and references can be reached at the phone numbers and emails provided.

Section 4.0 – Projected Workload

Discuss your projected workload and your ability to staff this project.

Section 5.0 – Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise Participation

The URA acknowledges the City of Pittsburgh’s goals of 18 percent (18%) minority and 7 percent (7%) women participation in planning and/or professional service activities, and therefore, requires that all respondents demonstrate a good faith effort to obtain MWBE participation in work performed in connection with URA projects. MWBE participation can be satisfied by:
• Ownership/partnership of firm (Please note that ownership is defined as 51% or more)
• Use of minorities and/or women as part of contracting team
• Subcontracting with organizations owned and controlled by minorities and/or women
• Firm's use of minority or women-owned businesses, in general, as vendors for legal, printing, office supplies, travel, etc.
Please state as succinctly as possible what, specifically, your firm is doing to promote opportunities for minority and women professionals within your organization.

Note: URA professional service contracts, in the amount of $75,000.00 or more, require the submission of a MWBE plan.

Any questions about MWBE requirements should be directed to

SECTION 6.0 – Fee Schedule

Submit a fee for construction services outlined in Exhibit “A.” Break down the fee for construction services in terms of “on-site” inspection costs and office supervisory support costs. Identify personnel that will be assigned to work “on-site” during construction of the project and attach their resumes (limit to 2 pages per employee) in Attachment A. Indicate which members of the proposed “on-site” personnel are familiar with the construction documentation requirements of the Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections (PLI) City of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA), and the City of Pittsburgh Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI). List specific projects where their procedures have been implemented. Also indicate their experience associated with construction of new pre-cast parking facilities, Parksmart certified projects, multi-prime projects, site civil improvements, landscaping, and OSHA safety standards.

The fee component of the proposal shall identify the derivation of the fee by detailing the hours and personnel for each of the tasks. Include cost and manpower tables, rates, and markups used to calculate the summarized costs. Include a master spreadsheet that includes the total level of effort (manhours) for each major task. The spreadsheet shall list employee name, job classification, projected hours, pay rates, overhead factors, direct costs, and profit in separate columns. Prime sub-consultants/subcontractors which make up your team shall be included in the master spreadsheet. Indicate the projected subcontract amounts and include your sub-consultant fees and associated information in the master spreadsheet.

The following shall be clearly identified in your fee proposal:
• The job classifications and direct hourly rates applied to the work tasks
• The proposed overhead factor to be applied to the salary cost
• The fee or percentage of profit proposed for the services
• The reimbursable/direct costs projected, including sub-consultant fees (including mileage reimbursement, reproduction fees, and other costs)
• Assumptions made in estimating time and costs
Note that expenses related to on-site work facilities, sanitary facilities, and internet connection will be provided by the construction contractor.

Attachment A – Resumes

Provide resumes for key personnel providing job title/project role, years experience, education, experience descriptions, example project experience and professional licenses and certifications, particularly OSHA-safety certifications. (2-page limit per resume)

Attachment B – MWBE Certifications

Provide MWBE Certifications for qualifying firms. Note that the URA does not require a particular agency certification, and the firms can self-certify if they believe they meet the qualifications, subject to URA review and acceptance.

Attachment C – Supplemental Information

Include any supplemental information that you may wish to include regarding your qualifications

Pre-Proposal Meeting

A pre-proposal meeting will be held virtually on Wednesday, December 2, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. through Zoom. Please email McGarry Luginski, Project Engineer to obtain information for this meeting. All interested parties are strongly encouraged to attend.


All questions regarding this RFP should be submitted through the Public Purchase platform. The last day for submitting questions will be five business days prior to the due date.

Inquiries related to MWBE participation should be directed by email to

Consultant Selection Criteria

Selection for this assignment will be made based on the following criteria (note that these criteria is not listed in order of importance or weighting):

1. The qualifications of the staff and subcontractors assigned to the project and their professional experience with similar type projects

2. Organization and management of the project, including efficient staff utilization  

3. The MWBE narrative and the overview of the Firm’s strategy toward MWBE participation

4. The fee proposal



Health and Safety Plan

Prior to commencing work, the Firm shall provide to URA a copy of the Firm’s Health and Safety Plan (HASP) that includes an addendum that is specific to this project and notes the Firm’s COVID-19 mitigation plan.

OSHA (Safety) During Construction

The Firm will be required to provide an inspection staff that is OSHA certified (OSHA’s 29 CFR 1926 30-HOUR Construction Safety Training). The URA will not be liable for any citations received by the Firm or Contractor from OSHA. It is the sole responsibilities of the Firm and Contractor to comply with OSHA Standards. Safety is of the utmost importance on this project.

The Firm’s field representatives will be required to access all levels and areas of the parking facility during construction in order to provide accurate inspection services.

Proposal Submission and Processing

Proposals will only be accepted through Public Purchase. Submit proposals no later than Noon ET, Friday, December 18, 2020.

The URA anticipates selecting a construction management/inspection Firm in January 2020.


1. The URA shall have the right to verify the accuracy of all information submitted and to make such investigation as it deems necessary to determine the ability of each applicant to perform the obligations in the response. The URA in its discretion reserves the right to reject any response when the available evidence or information does not satisfy the URA that the applicant is qualified to carry out properly the obligations of the response.

2. The URA shall be the sole judge as to which, if any, Applicant best meet the selection criteria. The URA reserves the right to reject any or all responses, to waive any submission requirements contained within this response, and to waive any irregularities in any submitted response.

3. This form is submitted subject to errors, omissions, and/or withdrawal without notice by the URA at any time.

4. All responses, including attachments, supplementary materials, addenda, etc. shall become the property of the URA and will not be returned.

5. Applicants and team members must disclose any conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest with regards to any employees of the URA, or any work performed by the Applicant for the URA, the City of Pittsburgh, or any related entity.

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