One of Pittsburgh’s many success stories, BioSafe, a company transitioning from startup to commercialization stage with the help of the URA’s Entrepreneur Fund, manufactures and sells an antimicrobial polymer that has a wide range of applications. From consumer products like sports equipment to medical products like surgical masks, BioSafe has developed a method that does not promote drug resistance and is not toxic to humans or animals, making it a promising candidate for skin and food contact applications.

The URA provided a total of $200,000 in funding helping the company to grow. The funding helped the young company develop by utilizing the university environment, which is in close proximity to their offices. BioSafe, located in the Oakland area, continues to tap students to assist in lab functions as well as marketing. That support and investment is something Max Fedor, BioSafe president and CEO, sees as just one of the many advantages to operating in Pittsburgh. “It comes down to access,” Fedor says, “the town, the talent, the universities and creating a sense of growth.”

Being centrally located, the company can draw from the university environment. “It’s nice being in close proximity,” Fedor says. “I think it would be harder if we were in an outlying area.” Often the firm will utilize university labs as well as Downtown labs, so their current location is key to their success.

Having the ability to fund ideas as well as introduce companies to a variety of other talents in the Pittsburgh area is a key to the URA’s Entrepreneur Fund.

The goal of the Pittsburgh Entrepreneur Fund is to assist entrepreneurs and stimulate business growth in the City of Pittsburgh in a variety of industries including Information Technology, Life Sciences, Green/Energy and other high growth enterprises. You can learn more by clicking here.

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