Pittsburgh Keystone Innovation Zone

By creating hubs of opportunity, the Pittsburgh Keystone Innovation Zone and the URA are working to grow businesses throughout the City of Pittsburgh. William Generett, executive director of the zone says, “Having the city support our efforts through the URA has been so helpful. Their financial support allows our organization to help businesses grow in the City of Pittsburgh.”

Through the URA’s Entrepreneur Fund, the Pittsburgh Keystone Innovation Zone received funding to support companies within the zone. The zone includes the many colleges and universities throughout the city, which act as hubs for business growth. These hubs provide access to innovation, technology and economic companies that not only spur development, but offer financial support as well.

Generett adds, “Our goal is to keep helping as many companies as we can and continue our relationship with the URA.” The Pittsburgh Keystone Innovation Zone provides $300,000 in grants to companies; continues to offer internship opportunities through relationships with the city’s colleges and universities; and offers millions in tax credits to businesses who operate within its borders.

Since its inception, the Pittsburgh Keystone Innovation Zone has helped a variety of companies start and expand in Pittsburgh, including Acuta Digital, Bit-X-Bit and Special Pathogens Laboratory. Amazing what a hub of opportunity can do to create a culture of entrepreneurship and spur economic development. It’s just what we need!

The goal of the Pittsburgh Entrepreneur Fund is to assist entrepreneurs and stimulate business growth in the City of Pittsburgh in a variety of industries including Information Technology, Life Sciences, Green/Energy and other start up enterprises. You can learn more by clicking here.

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