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Accounts Payable

The URA has implemented a Prompt Payment Policy in accordance with Pennsylvania’s Prompt Pay Act to ensure on-time payment of all contractors and consultants hired by the URA within 30 days of the receipt of an invoice. This policy requires the all contractors and consultants submit invoices in the following methods:

  • Submit payment request form via the URA’s website shown below and upload invoice (*Maximum file size is 1000KB)

  • Submit payment request with invoices attached to

  • Mail payment request with the invoices attached to URA accounts payable:
    Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh
    Attn: Accounts Payable Department
    412 Blvd. of the Allies, Suite 901
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219

If submitting payment request through our form below or by email, please include Company Name, Contact Person, Email address, Phone Number, URA Purchasing Agent’s Name, and the URA Department you are working with. Providing this information will help the Accounts Payable Department ensure prompt payment.

Company Name
Please enter your company contact.
Please enter the URA Project Manager/Contact that is working with you on this project.
Please attach your invoice. (*Maximum file size is 1000KB)
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