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URA Impact

Learn some of the ways the URA has supported Pittsburgh's residents, neighborhoods, and businesses

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Stories and Project Portfolio

The URA is involved in hundreds of diverse projects throughout City of Pittsburgh neighborhoods.

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Avenues of Hope

The Avenues of Hope Initiative is a place-based, people-first approach that intervenes across all layers of successful, healthy, and sustainable main street development.

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Economic Recovery and Growth

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the URA was well positioned to ease the burden on many city residents and small business owners. We quickly deployed much needed assistance and are continuing to build business and housing strategies that will support a successful economic recovery.

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Housing Opportunity Fund

Each year, the URA-administered Housing Opportunity Fund dedicates $10 million in City of Pittsburgh tax dollars to support the development and preservation of affordable and accessible housing.


Find URA annual reports, financial statements, publications and strategic plans

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Data Driven Decision-Making

The URA uses data to implement evidence-based decision making and develop strategies to support the sustainable growth of Pittsburgh.

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