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About the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh (URA), its goals, its history and its impact on Pittsburgh since 1946.

The URA is the City of Pittsburgh’s economic development enterprise.
We are committed to building a prosperous and equitable economy for all of Pittsburgh. We help bridge public and private interests to invest in meaningful equitable developments that promote housing affordability, economic mobility, entrepreneurship and neighborhood revitalization. Our work creates and sustains quality jobs, thriving neighborhoods, healthy communities and sustainable businesses for the benefit of all Pittsburghers.



Our mission is to foster sustainable prosperity across all of Pittsburgh.


Pittsburgh’s economic well-being is grown and shared equitably, and all communities are empowered with effective social and financial resources to thrive.


History of the URA

Incorporated in 1946, the URA was one of the first redevelopment authorities in Pennsylvania. Organized by corporate and civic leaders, the URA undertook the first privately financed downtown redevelopment project in the United States -- Gateway Center.

Since then, the URA has constructed and rehabilitated tens of thousands of homes, reclaimed thousands of acres of contaminated brownfield and riverfront sites and assisted hundreds of businesses in neighborhoods throughout the City of Pittsburgh.

Today, the URA offers a variety of programs and financing products that range from helping low income clients become homeowners to reclaiming brownfields for new development to helping communities reinvent themselves and thrive.

The URA's history is a story. It is a story of projects, each one unique. It is a story of people. It is a story of partnership and leadership. Most of all, it is a story of building a better Pittsburgh.

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