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Pittsburgh's Economic Recovery through the American Rescue Plan Act

The City of Pittsburgh allocated the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh $70 million through the American Rescue Plan to assist in Pittsburgh's economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay informed of how that funding is being used.

About the American Rescue Plan

The United States House and Senate passed the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) in March 2021, allowing for the Office of President Biden's American Rescue Plan to provide direct financial relief to Americans, contain COVID-19, and rescue the economy.

The City of Pittsburgh was awarded $335 million through the ARPA to aid in pandemic relief and economic recovery. Of that amount, the City of Pittsburgh allocated approximately $70 million to the URA to fund various activities that support affordable housing, small businesses, commercial corridor revitalization, community developments, infrastructure projects, and more.

Funding Allocations to the URA

The table below shows the various projects, programs and activities that the $70 million ARPA dollars will be funding. You may click the activities that are highlighted in blue to be redirected to a webpage with the program application or to read further information about the project. Additionally, if you hover your mouse over the top right corner of the table, you may expand the table to view it “full screen.” Press the Esc button on your keyboard to exit the full screen viewing mode.

URA ARPA Allocation Tracker

View the impact of the URA's investments. The below data points summarize the URA's use of ARPA dollars for housing, business assistance, infrastructure improvements, land recycling, and passthrough dollars to community organizations for independent projects. 

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