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The Avenues of Hope American Rescue Plan Act Grant Program assists with place-based initiatives that stimulate revitalization along historically disinvested commercial corridors within the seven Avenues of Hope communities.

Please note, the URA is no longer accepting applications for this program.

Please email with any questions.


About the Program

The Avenues of Hope American Rescue Plan Act Grant Program provides grants to advance community projects and programs that both align with the Avenues of Hope initiative of supporting equitable development within Pittsburgh’s minority communities and businesses, and with Federal American Rescue Plan Act final ruling. 

About Avenues of Hope

The Avenues of Hope initiative is a place-based, people-first approach that seeks to intervene across all layers of successful, healthy, and sustainable main street development. The Avenues of Hope will be:

  • Black-owned

  • Centers of arts, culture, and business

  • Mixed-use, transit oriented, and pedestrian friendly

  • Healthy communities supported by education, health care, senior care, recreation, and human supportive services.

This initiative focuses on seven major business corridors, in which the goal is to invest in existing small businesses and residents, supporting the inclusive growth of the neighborhoods. The Avenue of Hope corridors are: 

  • Centre Avenue (Hill District)  

  • Chartiers Avenue (Elliott, Sheraden, Windgap, Chartiers City)  

  • Homewood Avenue (Homewood)  

  • Larimer Avenue (Larimer)  

  • Perrysville Avenue (Perry Hilltop, Observatory Hill)  

  • Second Avenue (Hazelwood)  

  • Warrington Avenue/Brownsville Road (Knoxville, Mt. Oliver, Beltzhoover, Allentown)  

Program Details

The Avenues of Hope American Rescue Plan Act Grant Program is intended to assist nonprofits (including government agencies), community-based organizations, business district organizations, small businesses, and individuals such as business owners, property owners, and partnering private entities that are based in AoH corridors with place-based initiatives that comply with federal requirements.

This program encourages the improvement of public infrastructure, vacant commercial spaces, neighborhood investment that improves health and safety outcomes through the creation or improvement of parks and open spaces, and/or other eligible efforts. Please read the Program Guidelines for a list of eligible activities and other eligibility requirements.   

There are two tiers of available grants: 

  • Tier 1 grants provide up to $50,000. A match is not required for Tier 1 grants.

  • Tier 2 grants provide between $50,000.01 and $200,000. Tier 2 grants will require 10% (of the total project cost) cash equity investment. Applicants (excluding private entities) may use prior investments/services to cover up to half (5%) of the 10% investment. In kind services that take place over the grant contract period will also be accepted. Matching funds from URA and City sources are eligible for this program.

Funding Tracker

This chart indicates funds committed through February 2024. For questions or more information, email

Questions? Send an email to

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