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pittsburgh entrepreneur fund portfolio

  • ShowClix
    ShowClix is an event ticketing software that provides an easy, reliable ticket purchasing experience. It allows professionals to create and manage events, venues, coupons, customers and more.

  • SimCoach Games
    Simcoach Games is the leader in delivering video games that more effectively drive sustainable behavior change by combining game design techniques with proven learning principles.

  • Thread International
    Thread transforms trash from the developing world into dignified jobs and the most responsible fabric on the planet.

  • Optimus Technologies
    Optimus Technologies designs and manufactures a cost-effective, EPA-compliant bio-diesel conversion system for medium and heavy-duty diesel.

  • nanoGrip Tech
    nanoGriptech is the leading manufacturer of gecko-inspired, dry adhesive solutions and products.

  • AthleteTrax
    AthleteTrax developed a sports facility management software to make daily management tasks such as scheduling, communicating, organizing finances, or keeping everyone engaged, easier at facility.

  • Treatspace
    Treatspace is a multi-faceted healthcare platform that enables high-performance referral management, powers online patient management, and facilitates clinical collaboration.

  • Digital Dream Labs
    Digital Dream Labs combines 50% physical play with 50% digital play, keeping children engaged and entertained as they collaborate on STEM activities with their Puzzlets product.

  • TravelWits
    TravelWits’ goal is to help travelers find cheaper and more convenient ways to travel for both business and leisure. TravelWits allows travelers to find the cheapest vacation packages with only one search and one upfront price with no hidden fees.

  • Jetpack Workflow
    Jetpack helps small-medium sized accounting firms manage workflow, repetitive processes and build a paperless office.

  • Trusst Lingerie
    Trusst Lingerie has replaced the underwire with their patent-pending BAST System to provide women with a completely new level of comfort and support for fuller busted women.

  • ThoroughCare
    ThoroughCare developed CCM and AWV software solutions to help medical practices earn new Medicare reimbursements.

  • StockSnips
    StockSnips real time news sentiment is a reliable way to monitor and understand stock price movements. The app reads, analyzes and delivers insight on key performance elements that need your attention.

  • UpContent
    UpContent is a content discovery tool that helps you drive new, more meaningful conversations. It allows you to spend less time searching for and more time acting on tailored content to spark informed conversations with you audience.

  • Adrich
    Adrich connects brands and retailers through product usage data and analytics through their Post Purchase Engagement Platform comprised of smart packaging hardware (patent pending flexible labels) and customized software that details consumer post purchase user information.

  • Flexable
    Flexable provides an online portal for finding childcare providers, enabling parents to book a fully vetted caregiver to provide onsite childcare and increase attendance, inclusivity and diversity. 
  • Module 
    Module provides home designing services intended to create smart houses for the Urban Age. Module brings intelligent, architectural design to a mass market, enabling customers to get access to customized housing services that change according to their needs.
  • Arin Technologies
    Arin Technologies' cloud-based indoor location system offers high accuracy and cost-effective position detection, enabling businesses to locate and track assets, machines or persons in GPS denied environments.  
  • Rhabit
    Rhabit's Saas platform empowers critical employee performance processes and delivers high quality, quantitative data that supercharges HR processes, enabling companies to get the data they need to identity their top performers, grow their talent, and inform their strategic investments in employee development.
  • HiberSense
    HiberSense's climate control thermostat system collects temperature, motion, light, humidity and sound data in each room and runs machine-learning algorithms to decide when to turn on or off HVAC equipment.  
  • Mighty
    Mighty is a mobile app that uses innovative technology to bring quality, reliable trade professionals to home owners and real estate agents. By standardizing pricing and tracking demand, Mighty delivers a smooth, simple, and unparalleled experience. 
  • Roadbotics
    Roadbotics' road monitoring technology uses machine vision and machine learning to take an accurate inventory of the road quality, enabling municipalities to automate a process that has for too long been labor intensive. 

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