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Pittsburgh Urban Initiatives

Initiating Investment, Rebuilding Markets

Pittsburgh Urban Initiatives (PUI), a URA affiliate, catalyzes investments in low income neighborhoods by applying for and facilitating New Markets Tax Credits.

Pittsburgh Urban Initiatives (PUI) is Limited Liability Company certified as a Community Development Entity (CDE) by the Treasury Department’s Community Development Investment Fund (CDFI). As a CDE, PUI is able to apply for and facilitate New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) investments for projects in the city that benefit low-income neighborhoods.  

PUI’s mission is to strategically invest in office, retail, mixed-use, and community facility developments in Low Income Communities that benefit residents of those communities throughout the City of Pittsburgh. In total, PUI has received $238 million in NMTC allocation to use in the City of Pittsburgh. 

For more information about PUI and the NMTC program, please contact Rebecca Davidson-Wager at


Making a Real Impact

To date, PUI has applied for and received $238 million in New Markets Tax Credit allocation for the authority to use in projects in the City of Pittsburgh. Completed projects include:

$6 million investment into Mill 19

$6 million investment into 7800 Susquehanna Street

Photo courtesy of Bridgeway Capital

$6 million investment in Steel City Squash

PUI at a Glance

  • Total Project Costs: $802M

  • Total Equity Raised: $62M

  • Construction Jobs Created: 3,397

  • Permanent Jobs Created: 3,873

PUI Investment by Type

For more information, please contact Rebecca Davidson-Wager at

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