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Hunt Armory Roof Replacement and Façade Restoration

The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh (URA) is seeking proposals for a construction
management and inspection firm (Firm) to oversee the roof replacement and façade
restoration at the Hunt Armory (324 Emerson Street) in the 7
th Ward of the City of Pittsburgh
(City) in the Shadyside neighborhood. The construction work included: select demolition of
existing materials, replacement of the main roof with a rubber material, upgrade of the roof
insulation, roof drains, reconstructed parapets, flashing, clearstory replacement, metal siding
replacement, and flashing. The work also includes restoration work on the building façade’s
cornice. The cost of the improvements for the project are estimated to be approximately
$1,500,000 to $2,000,000.

Proposals will only be accepted through Ion Wave Technology. Submit proposals no later than
2:00 PM ET, Monday August 2, 2021. No late proposals will be accepted.
The URA anticipates selecting a construction management/inspection Firm in August 2021.

For more information on how to register on IWT, please click here

RFP Details

Please email Paul Martinchich, Project Engineering Manager to obtain information for this meeting. All interested parties are strongly encouraged to attend.
Inquiries related to MWBE participation should be directed by email to

Resources & Addendums


Hunt Armory is located at 324 Emerson Street in the Shadyside Neighborhood of Pittsburgh.
The URA owns the building (parcel block and lot no. 84-L-283). The building is currently vacant,
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and the URA is pursuing development considerations concurrently with the building
restorations. There may be a temporary “pop-up’ ice rink or other athletic activities that will
take place this fall and winter, which may start during the execution of the roof replacement
and façade restoration. Consideration will need to be given to that potential scenario; it is
anticipated that building is large enough for the concurrent activities of exterior restoration and
interior development.
Construction Documents for the project are included under separate cover for use in
preparation of the proposal.


Provide the following information in the format presented. You may provide subsections as
necessary to organize your presentation: however, please retain the overall section numbering.
Any supplemental information that you may wish to include regarding your qualifications
should be included as a separate attachment to your response.
Each proposal must include the following:

  • Title Page
    This should include the firm’s name, contact person, and contact information
  • Table of Contents
    Section 1.0 – Primary Qualification (limit to 2 pages)
    Provide a brief overview of your firm and your capabilities as they relate to this work.
    Section 2.0 – Project Overview
    Provide a brief narrative of your Firm’s understanding of the project including why
    your firm is well qualified to work on the project.
    2.1 Pre-Construction Phase Services
    Provide a brief narrative that explains your teams approach to providing the preconstruction phase services.
    2.2 Construction Phase Services
    Provide a brief narrative that explains your teams approach to providing the
    construction phase services.
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    2.3 Closeout Phase Services
    Provide a brief narrative that explains your teams approach to providing the
    construction closeout phase services.
    Section 3.0 – Project Team Qualifications
    Provide a brief profile of your firm and your subconsultant firms.
    3.1 Team Qualifications (limit to 3 pages)
    Provide a brief narrative that explains your team and the unique qualifications of
    each of the project team subconsultants and their specific roles for the project.
    3.2 Firm Profiles
    Provide brief profiles of your firm and your subconsultant firms. (limit to 1 page per
    team firm)
    3.3 Project Organizational Structure
    Provide a description of your team’s structure for the project. Include the prime and
    sub-consultant roles, reporting, and communication structure. Indicate work that
    you would anticipate subcontracting to others and provide the names of the
    companies to be used, as well as the individuals that will be assigned to this project.
    Provide an Organization Chart. Identify all personnel working on the project. At a
    minimum, include an Executive Sponsor, Construction Manager, Lead Construction
    Site Inspector, and additional site inspectors to meet construction trade and work
    demands. The Executive Sponsor role shall be to ensure that the personnel assigned
    to the project are dedicated to the Project throughout the duration and to arbitrate
    any disputes or conflicts that arise. The Construction Manager shall have overall
    control of the Firm’s involvement on the Project and shall provide the primary point
    of communication to the URA and the Contractors, direct the work of the
    Construction Inspectors, review Contractor schedules, submittals, and requests for
    information, and track and facilitate the responses to schedules, submittals, and
    requests for information. The Lead Construction Site Inspector will oversee and
    document the day-to-day construction activities and prepare daily logs. Additional
    site inspectors shall be provided for specific expertise in the trades involved and
    shall work supplemental to the Lead Construction Site Inspector. Include
    subconsultants and their personnel in the organizational chart.
    Field inspection staff must be OSHA certified (OSHA’s 29 CFR 1926 30-HOUR
    Construction Safety Training). Attachment A should include short summaries of
    personnel qualifications, all resumes, and OSHA certificates of key personnel.
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    3.4 Related Project Descriptions
    Provide a list of projects completed by your Firm, with associated construction costs,
    dollar amounts, name of owner’s contact and phone number and/or email address
    that deal specifically with roof replacements, building envelop construction,
    masonry and terra cotta restoration, OSHA safety standards, and similar
    construction projects located in urban areas. In particular, cite projects performed
    for/within the City. Indicate the amount of your construction management fee for
    each of the projects. Provide 3 to 5 project descriptions, limited to 1 page each. Be
    sure that the contacts and references can be reached at the phone numbers and
    emails provided.
    Section 4.0 – Projected Workload
    Discuss your projected workload and your ability to staff this project.
    Section 5.0 – Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise Participation
    The URA acknowledges the City of Pittsburgh’s goals of 18 percent (18%) minority
    and 7 percent (7%) women participation in planning and/or professional service
    activities, and therefore, requires that all respondents demonstrate a good faith
    effort to obtain MWBE participation in work performed in connection with URA
    projects. MWBE participation can be satisfied by:
    • Ownership/partnership of firm (Please note that ownership is defined as 51%
    or more)
    • Use of minorities and/or women as part of contracting team
    • Subcontracting with organizations owned and controlled by minorities and/or
    • Firm's use of minority or women-owned businesses, in general, as vendors for
    legal, printing, office supplies, travel, etc.
    Please state as succinctly as possible what, specifically, your firm is doing to promote
    opportunities for minority and women professionals within your organization.
    Note: URA professional service contracts, in the amount of $75,000.00 or more,
    require the submission of a MWBE plan.

RFP Timeline

RFP Issue Date: Friday, July 9, 2021
Pre-Proposal Meeting Date: Thursday, July 15, 2021, at 3:00 p.m. ET
Proposal Due Date: Monday, August 2, 2021, at 2:00 p.m. ET

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