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Invitation for Bids - CLOSED

Former Larimer School Gym/Auditorium Improvements

August 2, 2023
August 8, 2023, 10:00 AM ET August 22, 2023, 12:00 PM ET
August 25, 2023, 10:00 AM ET

Interested applicants must register for an account with Ion Wave Technologies (IWT), the URA's electronic bidding software. Please view instructions to register for IWT. 

Project Scope

The project program is to convert existing gym/auditorium and supporting spaces into a retail ready space (Coworking/market type tenants).The Shell/Core scope of this work is to construct new toilet Rooms, Heat Pump HVAC, Electrical, Lighting and Finishes work in preparation for future tenant occupancy.

Site Description

Neighborhood: Larimer

Address: 135 Winslow Street

Parcel Size: Approximately 9,000 square feet of building area

Submission Requirements

The bid submittal must include the Bid, Noncollusion Affidavit of Prime Bidder, Bid Bond, Statement of Bidder's Qualifications, Certificate of Compliance - Section 3, and the Certificate of Minority and Women's Participation.

Bidders will be required to submit the package of certifications included with the contract documents relating to the Equal Employment Opportunity and the participation of Minority and Women's Business Enterprises. The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh requires that all bidders complete and submit an MBE/WBE Solicitation and Commitment Statement along with the bid.

Response Submission

Respondents should submit their proposal package using IonWave Technologies, the URA’s IFB response program. The proposal should be combined into one file in PDF format. Do not send hard copies.  The proposal submissions and questions concerning the content of this IFB should be addressed to the attention of Vivian Walker,

ALL RESPONSES MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE RESPONSE DUE DATE AND TIME AS STATED IN THE IFB TIMELINE FOR CONSIDERATION. Any late responses or responses received outside of IonWave Technologies will not be reviewed.   


The URA will not reimburse firms for any expenses incurred in preparing responses to this IFB.   

If you have any questions or issues with using IonWave, please contact: Ivy Coleman -  

Legal Information

  1. The contractor, for itself and its employees, agrees not to discriminate against or segregate any person or group of persons on any unlawful basis in the construction, sale, transfer, use, occupancy, tenure or enjoyment of the property or any improvements erected or to be erected thereon, or any part thereof.
  2. The URA shall be the sole judge as to which submission best meets the selection criteria. The URA reserves the right to reject any or all submissions received, to waive any informalities or irregularities in any submitted information, and to negotiate scope and proposal prices.
  3. Submissions may be withdrawn by written notice received by the URA before the time and date set for receipt of proposal. After the submission date, a submission may not be withdrawn for a period of sixty (60) days, except by mutual consent between the URA and the respondent.
  4. It is the contractor’s sole responsibility to read and interpret this IFB and the written instructions contained herein. A respondent may correct errors and omissions discovered before the time set for receipt of information by withdrawing the original submission and resubmitting a new submission before the date and time set for the receipt of the IFB. Errors and omissions may not be corrected after the submission date except when the URA decides, in its sole discretion, to allow the correction.
  5. This IFB is submitted subject to errors, omissions, and/or withdrawal without notice by the URA at any time.
  6. The contractor is encouraged to confer with the URA prior to submitting their response. All information submitted, including attachments, supplementary materials, addenda, etc. shall become the property of the URA and will not be returned.
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