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Introducing the Farm-a-Lot Program

January 2024

The URA has announced that its Farm-a-Lot Program is officially open. 

This program provides access to vacant URA-owned land for commercial and small-scale farming initiatives in City of Pittsburgh neighborhoods. Approved applicants will be able to access the land for up to three years at a time. Properties may be eligible for sale to the program participant through the Pittsburgh Land Bank's disposition process, after one year of farming success.

What are eligible uses for the land?

  • Edible gardens

  • Rain gardens

  • Community gardens

  • Flower gardens

  • Pollinator gardens

  • Bee farms

What properties are available?

Browse properties

How do I apply?

  1. Interested applicants should first read the program guidelines and view URA-owned properties online.

  2. Then, complete the online intake form.

  3. A staff member will contact you to discuss your project. 

  4. Prior to accessing the land, the soil must be tested to determine if the parcels are eligible for urban agriculture.

Those with questions, or who would like assistance, should send an email to

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