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The HOF Advisory Board helps to inform and carry out the mission of the Housing Opportunity Fund.

The Housing Opportunity Fund (HOF) was created by the City of Pittsburgh to help support the development and preservation of affordable and accessible housing in the city. The 17-member advisory board was appointed by the Mayor and approved by Council to help oversee the Fund.

Advisory Board members span various areas of expertise, come with diverse perspectives, and all have unique experiences as Pittsburghers. Together they help to inform and carry out the mission of the Housing Opportunity Fund.

Advisory Board Members

  • Vacant - Mayor's Office


  • Deb Gross - City Council


  • Jamil Bey, PhD - Neighborhood Based Nonprofit/Community Resident - South


  • Vacant - Neighborhood Based Nonprofit/Community Resident - East


  • Mark Masterson - Neighborhood Based Nonprofit/Community Resident - North


  • Deidra Washington - Neighborhood Based Nonprofit/Community Resident - Central


  • Vacant - Neighborhood Based Nonprofit/Community Resident - West


  • James Reid - Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh Representative


  • Karen Garrett, PhD - Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh Representative


  • Lena Andrews - Nonprofit Development Community


  • Tammy Thompson - Homeowner Representative


  • Paul Spradley - Lending Institution


  • Alan Sisco - Nonprofit Community


  • Derrick Tillman - For-profit Development Community


  • Adrienne Walnoha - Advocate for Homeless


  • Kellie Ware - Fair Housing Representative


  • Marcus Reed - Tenant Council


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