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URA Racial Equity Assessment

In February 2018, the URA retained Exstare Federal Services Group to conduct a Racial Equity Assessment to help the agency develop a comprehensive picture of its organizational climate, get a better understanding of internal and external perspectives concerning its racial equity efforts, and to make recommendations concerning those efforts.



Positively Pittsburgh

Below is a series of articles in the Pittsburgh Business Times on Uptown, East Liberty, the Allegheny Riverfront and Technology Transforming Our Neighborhoods


Looking Up in Uptown

Uptown is a neighborhood poised for incredible transformation. Situated between our two major centers of commerce, Downtown and Oakland, its optimal location and organized stakeholders make this a natural center for development. Our goal is to transform Uptown into a green, sustainable, mixed-use neighborhood and realize its full potential. Read more about the numerous assets of this unique neighborhood and aid in its transformation from a pass-through to a thriving and vibrant destination.

East Liberty is Booming

Over the past decade, East Liberty has returned itself to a healthy residential and business destination of choice. This transformation didn't happen by accident, but with thoughtful strides taken by community, business and government. Thousands of community members, development professionals, investors, and business and government leaders, came together to capture a collective vision for the neighborhood, which now serves as a road map for East Liberty's future. Read more about this evolving neighborhood, and to find your perfect opportunity to partner with us in its continued transformation.

The Allegheny Riverfront

Over the past 30 years, Pittsburgh has set the global standard for regional transformation. The key to our success is reconnecting our riverfronts with our neighborhoods to create economic development opportunities. The Allegheny Riverfront, stretching from Downtown Pittsburgh and touching neighborhoods like the Strip District, Lawrenceville and Highland Park, is a golden opportunity to continue our City's economic and environmental revitalization. Read more about opportunities along the Allegheny and how you can partner with us in Pittsburgh's continuing transformation.

Tech Town: How Technology is Transforming our Neighborhoods

Over the past 30 years, Pittsburgh has transformed itself from a one industry town to one with a diversified global economy focused on creating next generation products and technologies. Through strong partnerships, strategic investment, and place creation, we have been able to develop the support network necessary to nurture and grow the high tech industry. Read more to learn how you can become part of something larger—an inspired, creative workforce, a new regional economy and a heightened global profile.

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