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Seeking to relocate, expand or start in Pittsburgh?

Our team is ready to assist businesses like yours.

Pittsburgh Is Within 500 Miles Of...

  • 41% of U.S. businesses

  • 23 of the top 50 U.S. METRO retail markets

  • 2 hour flights to 70% of North America

  • 50+% of U.S. buying power

  • Three signature rivers make it the second largest port in the U.S.

  • Commercial access via 18 railroad systems, including CSX and Norfolk Southern

Your Workforce in Waiting

In 2016, there were 41,000 annual graduates from 36 regional colleges and universities with nearly 55% majoring in fields of health care, computer science, business, engineering, and law.

World Class University R&D and Innovation Spending

  • $984.1 million in combined research budgets among Pittsburgh-based universities

  • 145 University generated Patents

  • 334 licenses, options, and other agreements

Pittsburgh Stands Strong When Ranked Against Other U.S. Cities:

  • 7th Best City for an Active Lifestyle - WalletHub

  • No. 4 Best City For Foodies - SmartAsset

  • No. 3 in 12 cities where you can live large on $60,000 - CNBC

  • No. 1 city for first-time homebuyers - SmartAsset

  • No. 2 in best U.S. cities for millennials - CNBC

  • Most affordable metropolitan area in the U.S. - HSH

Key Industries

  • Advanced Manufacturing/Robotics

  • Information Technology

  • Life Sciences

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Fintech

  • Healthcare

  • Manufacturing

For more information, please contact Tom Link at

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