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Woods Village

Woods Village will be a multi-family rental housing development. This project will make use of abandoned, vacant lots that were previously townhomes/homes, and rebuild comfortable housing with parking that creates a neighborhood.

Rendering courtesy of Oak Moss Consulting, LLC

Development Status

This project is in the predevelopment and planning phase. 

Scope of Work

  • The development will provide a mixed-use residential and commercial site with 57 single-family attached townhouses and multi-family residential apartment units above four retail/commercial storefronts.

  • Development to occur along existing Monongahela Street corridor and the currently overgrown and inaccessible Chance Way in Hazelwood

  • Development to also include a new parklet and internal connection to City of Pittsburgh Greenway areas along Sylvan Avenue

News and Updates

  • January 2023: The URA, Department of City Planning (DCP), and Pittsburgh City Council will meet to tour and discuss the potential sale of parcels required to move the project forward.  

Project Timeline

  • Exclusive negotiations were extended to January 2023 at the October 2022 URA Board Meeting. 

  • In October 2022, the project was put on hold based on a URA staff recommendation that further Board action should be held until the transfer of publicly-owned parcels has been approved by the City

  • The last community meeting occurred on September 15, 2022. 

Project Facts

  • Developer: Oak Moss Consulting, LLC

  • Architect of Record: Indovina Associates Architects

  • General Contracting Partner: Massaro Construction

  • Total Development Cost: $21.93 million

  • There was a reduction in unit count from 62 to 57 residential units and 4 retail units to allow for better stormwater management.

  • Currently, 10% of housing square footage will be affordable at 80% of Area Median Income. There will also be affordable commercial spaces available. The Developer continues to work to increase these values.

  • Environmental studies are complete. There are no fatal flaws. There are no recognized environmental concerns/contaminants. Site prep recommendations were provided as part of these studies.

  • The Developer continues to engage with Partner4Work and the URA on workforce development.

  • Funding for the project is a mix of private debt, Opportunity Zone funds, and developer equity.

  • There is a commitment to build a contracting strategy that provides $4 million to Minority- and Women-Owned businesses during construction, as well as new jobs to the neighborhood after that.

  • There is a commitment to a revegetation program per City regulations, to provide safe access to the Greenway, and take up maintenance of close by Greenway paths working with city and the local groups.

  • The Developer will investigate concerns about parking and traffic, study any potential issues in detail, and come back with remedies.

  • The Developer is committed to working with Massaro Construction to develop and employ a construction plan that minimizes disturbance to the neighbors.


Questions? Please contact URA Project Manager, Donita Thomas at or 412-255-6415.

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