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Biz District Spotlight: Second Avenue

August 1, 2019

Business District: Second Avenue

Neighborhood: Hazelwood

Reasons to visit: Take a bike ride, buy locally grown groceries, purchase a plant, and indulge in some French pastries…all in Hazelwood!

  • Get a sweet taste of France at La Gourmandine on Second Avenue.

  • Buy groceries at Dylamato’s Market, a community-minded store that partners with locally-owned micro-businesses to create access to fresh, healthy foods in the Hazelwood neighborhood.

  • Have fun at a collaborative dinner at Community Kitchen. You can also explore their catering and retail services, and job training programs.

  • Spruce up your garden with native perennials and rare and unique plants from Floriated Interpretation.

  • Bicycle commuting from Hazelwood is easy! The neighborhood is connected to Downtown by the Eliza Furnace Trail, and to the South Side by the Hot Metal Bridge. Both are part of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail portion of the Great Allegheny Passage. You can also travel from Hazelwood to Washington DC, all on bike trails!

Cool facts:

  • The second oldest stone building in Pittsburgh (after the Fort Pitt Blockhouse), is the John Woods House, just off Second Avenue on Monongahela Street. This National Register property will soon be transformed into a Scottish bar, the Woods House Restaurant and Pub.

  • Hazelwood Green is an ongoing development on the site of the former Jones and Laughlin steel mill, along the Monongahela River. When complete, the 178-acre site will include environmentally sustainable, net-positive retail, housing, community space, and manufacturing.

  • During World War II, the J&L steel mill in Hazelwood – along with its sister plant across the Monongahela River in the South Side – was producing so much steel that the Hot Metal Bridge was the second most heavily guarded piece of infrastructure in the United States.

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