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Business District Spotlight: Liberty Avenue

December 2, 2019

Business District

Liberty Avenue



Reasons to Visit

Do some Saturday morning shopping, find a dress for a special occasion, have one of Pittsburgh’s best hamburgers or an unforgettable Italian dinner…all in Bloomfield!

  • From May through November, the Bloomfield Saturday Market is two parts farmer’s market, one part weekly festival, including locally grown, and created produce, cheese, meat, coffee, hummus, prepared hot and cold foods, and so much more! From November to March, the market transitions to every 1st & 3rd Saturday. At the winter market you’ll find baked goods, hydroponic lettuce & salad greens, meat, apples, honey, prepared hot foods, and more!

  • Grab one of Pittsburgh’s best burgers at Tessaro’s, or sit down for a classic Italian meal at the Pleasure Bar or Alexander’s Italian Bistro.

  • Do some shopping for that special occasion at Allure, where you’ll find a treasure trove of fashions, accessories, and jewelry.

  • Satisfy your sweet tooth at Paddy Cake Bakery – their buttercream icing is to die for!

Cool Facts

  • Bloomfield’s name actually has its roots in the Revolutionary War. George Washington’s journal described traveling from Liberty Village along "the high ground through a field of many blooms."

  • Bloomfield celebrates its Italian roots each summer with the Little Italy Days festival. A wave of Italian immigrants from five towns in the Abruzzi region gave the neighborhood its current nickname as Pittsburgh’s Little Italy. Today, several generations later, many of the descendants of these early immigrants remain in Bloomfield, giving the neighborhood its authentic character.

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