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Get to Know: Aster Teclay

May 2021

Job title:

Business Strategy Officer, Avenues of Hope Project Manager

What you actually do:

I create strategies to support small business development. Broken down further, I’m problem solving; Looking at all the pieces on the board and figuring out how to utilize resources to help people.

Years at URA:

Almost two years; Prior to that I served on the board for the URA’s Micro-Enterprise Loan Committee for about two years.

Best thing about working at the URA:

The ability to be creative and problem-solve


Dual BA degree in Political Science and Business – University of Pittsburgh; MBA – Point Park University; and MPM – Carnegie Mellon University

Where you were before the URA:

The Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh

If you were boss for the day: 

I would take everyone on tour of the City to see not only the projects we’ve worked on, but also the places we still need to work on. I think it’s important for folks to see the impact they have on the City.

The Boss says:

"Aster is a dedicated and passionate professional who works every day to better the lives of Pittsburghers. I am thrilled that I was not only able to teach Aster at the Heinz College (CMU), but bring Aster into the URA. I am proud to work side by side with Aster to advance Avenues of Hope and a variety of work to help small businesses in Pittsburgh." – Tom Link, Chief Strategy Officer

If you weren't at the URA you'd be...

Working abroad in a consultant role OR working in corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

First job:

Working with my mom at her hotdog cart during the summer; That experience shaped my career paths. 

Favorite Pittsburgh spot:

Boating at the Point; THE VIEW is gorgeous and the energy from people walking/biking/sightseeing is amazing.

Favorite restaurant:

Wendy’s, but seriously it’s a small cafe in Cancún, Mexico called Habitat. The best pasta I've ever eaten was from there.

What you like to do when not at work:

More WORK lol; I’m co-founder of Invest in Her, an organization that supports women-owned businesses. Since 2015, we’ve provided capital and in-kind resources to Western PA businesses.

Secret vice:

Reality TV - like the worse it is, the better. I know, I’m ashamed.

What three words describe you best:

Tenacious, benevolent, innovative

What you’re currently watching on Netflix: 

I’m rewatching The Witcher because season 2 is coming out.

What song do you have on infinite repeat?:

Crown by Chika

Three favorite foods or three things always in your refrigerator:

Kombucha, Cholula hot sauce and TOMATOES; I love TOMATOES.

Three people (living or dead) you’d like to have dinner with:

1) My maternal grandmother, 2) Nipsey Hussle, and 3) Obama

Actress who would play you in a movie:

I would have two, Tia and Tamera Mowry. People always say we look alike.

People would be surprised to know that:

I’m a Marvel Universe fanatic. I’m also into older sci-fi like Farscape, Firefly, etc.


I have two much older siblings that grew up in Eritrea and Italy before my parents immigrated to the U.S. I also have a sister two years my senior and one younger sister, making the total count five.


A beautiful F1B Golden Doodle named after Arya Stark from Game of Thrones. We call her ARI for short.

Contact Info:

Connect on LinkedIn

Aster as a child

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