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Get to Know: Pierce Robinson

February 4, 2020

Job title used to be: Construction Advisor

Job title now: Community Affairs Officer

What you used to do: Manage the construction portion of the Allegheny Lead Safe Homes program

What you do now: Interface and engage with the various communities in Pittsburgh on matters relating to economic development

Why was this position created and/or what do you hope to achieve? This position was created to generate a level of transparency between the URA and the communities that we serve, and to more effectively connect the people of the city with the great resources we have for small businesses and homeowners.

Years at URA: Going on 2 this summer

Best thing about working at the URA: The things that I work on significantly impact people’s lives every day

Favorite project/Most satisfying moment in career: I’m really excited about our Centre Ave RFQ and what could become of it

Education: Business Management/Howard University

Where you were before the URA: Consulting for a development firm based in DC

If you were boss for the day: I don’t know what I would do, that never crossed my mind

The Boss says: "I knew Pierce would be a great fit for this position. The community affairs officer is an important role for the organization and is designed to be a value added to the neighborhoods we serve. Pierce has already hit the ground running and is setting the stage for deeper engagement that will allow the URA to be a more responsive agency." - Diamonte Walker, URA deputy executive director

If you weren't at the URA you'd be...working in development.

First job: Stock guy at Red/White/Blue Store out on Ohio River Blvd

Favorite Pittsburgh spot: Walkways down on the riverfronts

Favorite restaurant: Mike & Tony’s

What you like to do when not at work: Play basketball

Secret vice: I listen to Gucci Mane all the time

What three words describe you best: Focused, hardworking and driven

What you’re currently watching on Netflix: I don’t watch much TV, but when I do it’s zombie related

What song do you have on infinite repeat?: Patience by Majid Jordan

Three favorite foods or three things always in your refrigerator: Grape juice, almond milk, wings

Three people (living or dead) you’d like to have dinner with: Ramses II/Frederick Douglass/Emperor Constantine

Actor who would play you in a movie: Michael B Jordan

People would be surprised to know that I...write media scripts

Family: I have a small family

Pets: No pets

Contact Info:

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