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Get to Know: Tim Dolan

July 31, 2019

Job title: Data & Project Management Specialist

What you actually do: I make maps, show people Excel tricks, manage our LandCare program, coordinate the stabilization of URA-owned structures, administer our property management database, and share the bounty of my snack drawer with others.

Years at URA: 0.7205. #math

Best thing about working at the URA: I feel like everyone says this, but “the people!” It was easy to jump in, learn a lot, and be myself with the rest of the team.

Favorite project/Most satisfying moment in career: I suppose it’s a toss-up between having developed a homeowner assistance outreach and referral program for the Hilltop neighborhoods at one job and having contributed species distribution maps and a database toward an atlas of land snails of the northeastern USA at another job. Choose whichever you nerd out about more!

Education: B.A. Urban Studies & B.A. Germanic Languages & Literatures from University of Pittsburgh; working toward a Master of Geographic Information Systems from Penn State University

Where you were before the URA: Program Director at Hilltop Alliance

If you were boss for the day: Shorts would be considered appropriate work attire because I don’t like biking in pants, nor having wrinkly clothes.

The Boss says: "Tim has been a great addition to the URA since his first day in Real Estate. He has shown initiative by taking on a leadership role in our LandCare and property stabilization programs. He has also worked diligently to scrub our property ownership and E-Property Plus databases, and has produced many helpful maps. His work product, sense of humor, and baking skills are appreciated by all of his colleagues." -Nathan Clark, director, Real Estate  

If you weren't at the URA you'd be...trying to get more hours at my *extremely* part-time job at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

First job: Busperson at the Oakhurst Tea Room in Somerset, PA

Favorite Pittsburgh spot: Sterling Street Steps at Berg Street Steps in South Side Slopes; It doesn’t get much more Pittsburgh than an intersection of steps, and there’s a nice view of Downtown with South Side Park in the foreground.

Favorite restaurant: Any place that falls within the range of Dish Osteria and Bar and a döner kebab stand or a yinzer gyro joint; I’m easily pleased when it comes to food.

What you like to do when not at work: Eat (although I do that here, too), bike around the city, and travel when I get the chance

Secret vice: Snickers or dark chocolate salted caramels

What three words describe you best: Dependable, resourceful and particular

What you’re currently watching on Netflix: I just finished Stranger Things 3, Kim’s Convenience, and Pose, so now I’m lost and taking recommendations. Thanks in advance.

What song do you have on infinite repeat?: Give me a mix by Frankie Knuckles, Hot Since 82, or something else Spotify suggests. On Fridays, we listen to Whitney.

Three favorite foods or three things always in your refrigerator: Reuben sandwich, chickpeas (chana masala and falafel), and soft pretzels or other buttered carbs

Three people (living or dead) you’d like to have dinner with: Nikola Tesla (Give credit where credit is due), Gerardus Mercator (We need to talk about that map distortion!), and Joan “Gram” Dolan (I think she’d be pleased to know that now after all this time, I finally like halupki.) 

Actor who would play you in a movie: Whoever the dude is who played the World’s Greatest Spokesperson in the World for Nationwide Insurance

People would be surprised to know that I... am really not as accident-prone as I likely seem so far this summer, I’m a terrible swimmer, and I don’t do mental math. There are programs and Excel formulas for that.

Family: Spread across the USA, adopted host family in Germany, and friend-family both near and far

Pets: No pets, just plants (although they thrive most when I forget about them)

Contact Info:; 412.255.6694


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