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No matter what your business needs, we are here to help.

The URA offers a variety of financing products for small- and medium-sized business development and commercial real estate development. These are gap financing products that work in conjunction with private equity and private debt to help your business close the financing for your business growth and expansion.

Our team also works with a large network of technical assistance providers and partners to help your business start, improve, and grow.

For more information on any these programs, please contact Lynnette Morris at

Avenues of Hope Storefront Façade Grant Program

The Avenues of Hope Storefront Façade Grant Program provides funds to commercial building and business owners to improve their building facades.

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Avenues of Hope Commercial Real Estate Program 

The Avenues of Hope Commercial Real Estate Program provides long-term financing, from $50,000 - $200,000, to local and minority small businesses and developers in support of Avenues of Hope projects.

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Childcare Reinvestment Business Fund

Provided by Invest PGH, the Childcare Reinvestment Business Fund (CRiB) is a forgivable loan pilot program designed to sustain and stimulate the growth of new and existing child care businesses in the City of Pittsburgh. 



Minority Business Recovery & Growth Loan Fund

Made possible by PNC and the City of Pittsburgh, the Minority Business Recovery & Growth Loan Fund provides access to capital, up to $100,000, for existing minority-owned businesses inside the City of Pittsburgh that are recovering from COVID-19 or growing. 

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Pittsburgh Business Fund (PBF)

Financing up to $500,000 for small- and medium-sized businesses for working capital, real estate, equipment, and leasehold improvements.

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Partner Programs

Small Business Boost Initiative

 The URA connects small business owners and entrepreneurs to one-on-one professional counseling through the Pittsburgh Financial Empowerment Center to offer support for start-up and existing businesses. 

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Catapult Entrepreneurship Programs

Catapult Greater Pittsburgh offers entrepreneurship programs for minority entrepreneurs seeking to start, or grow, a retail or food-based business. 

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