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Pittsburgh Business Fund

Financing up to $500,000 for small- and medium-sized businesses for working capital, real estate, equipment, and leasehold improvements.

Program Details


Loan Amount

$30,000 - $500,000

Interest Rate

Subject to underwriting

Length of Loan

5 years for working capital, 7 years for equipment,10 years for leasehold improvements, and up to 20 years for real estate


  • Application fee: $350 

  • Due Diligence: 3% of the total URA loan  

  • Loan Servicing: 0.5% of the total URA loan

  • Construction Inspection: 0.5% of the total URA loan if URA financing is applied towards construction costs. If the construction inspection is provided by a private lender, no URA construction inspection fee is required.

  • Filing with Commonwealth of PA and County: All filing fees will be the responsibility of the applicant (i.e., Mortgages, UCCs, Assignment of Leases and Rents).

  • Misc. Closing: If the URA is acting as a primary lender, additional fees for items such as appraisals, title insurance, etc., may be charged at closing.
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