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Housing Opportunity Fund

We strive to make Pittsburgh a more diverse,

vibrant city that is affordable to all.


HOF Programs

To be eligible for HOF programs you must live in the City, or be purchasing a home in the City . To verify that your address is in the City, please enter your address here: City of Pittsburgh Map

 ***Due to the overwhelming demand, the Urban League may temporarily delay accepting new applications in order to process the large volume they have received. Please check back frequently for updates.***


COVID-19 Housing Stabilization Fund

In an effort to help City of Pittsburgh residents maintain stability during the COVID-19 pandemic, the URA has partnered with the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh to administer the COVID-19 Housing Stabilization Fund.


The fund provides rental, mortgage, and utility assistance to workers who are affected by the outbreak because their hours were cut and/or not able to work given the many circumstances associated with preserving public health and community safety.

Program Information


For more information, please contact Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh at 412-227-4164 .



Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance Program

The Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance Program (DPCCAP) provides financial assistance to eligible first-time homebuyers in the City who are interested in purchasing an existing or newly constructed residential unit.

Program Information 

Homebuyer Education Providers

DPCCAP Application 


*Please have your lender complete and submit the application to Doren Hilmer, HOF Program Assistant, at



Small Landlord Fund 

The Small Landlord Fund (SLF) provides funding to landlords with five (5) or less units for the preservation of existing affordable rental housing and / or the conversion of market/vacant housing to affordable housing in the City of Pittsburgh.

The SLF is designed to increase the supply of decent affordable housing and to eliminate health, safety and property maintenance deficiencies as well as to ensure compliance with applicable codes and standards.

Program Information

Small Landlord Fund Application  



Homeowner Assistance Program / Homeowner Assistance Program PLUS

The Homeowner Assistance Program (HAP) and Homeowner Assistance Program PLUS provide up to $30,000 in financial assistance to eligible homeowners for rehabilitating and improving residential owner-occupied properties within the City of Pittsburgh. 

Funds must be used to address any major City Code violations prior to any general repairs.

Program Information

Home Repair Assistance Application


*Please submit your application to Doren Hilmer, HOF Program Assistant, at



Housing Legal Assistance 

The Center for Housing Opportunities has partnered with Neighborhood Legal Services to assist individuals in the following areas:

• Tangled-Title: Legal assistance up to $5,000 – If you own a home, but need the deed transferred to your name

• Eviction Prevention: Legal assistance up to $3,000 – If you are at risk of eviction, or are currently experiencing eviction and need legal assistance

Program Information 



Housing Stabilization Program

The Housing Stabilization Program (HSP) is a housing crisis intervention program that provides one-time or short term (up to 4 months) financial assistance to renters who are facing a temporary, non-reoccurring housing crisis.  

Program Information 

To see if you are elgible for the program, please contact United Way 2-1-1. 

By phone:

  • Text you ZIP code to United Way at 898-211
  • Dial 2-1-1 from your phone
  • Reach out toll free at -1-866-856-2773

By chatroom:

  • There is a chat window that is located in the bottom right corner of the screen of the website:    

By email:

  • Send an email to    

By form on United Way’s website:

  • Go to United Way’s webpage: There is a link at the top of the page that says “About us.” Hover over it to view a list of options. Click on “contact us.” From there, you can fill out the form to gain access to a Representative for services.  



Rental Gap Program

The Rental Gap Program (RGP) provides loans to nonprofit developers or developers with nonprofit partners for the creation and/or preservation of affordable units. The RGP is designed to increase the supply of affordable rental units.



For-Sale Development Program

The For-Sale Development Program (FSDP) provides low-interest rate construction financing and/or grants to nonprofit developers or developers with nonprofit partners for the purpose of increasing the supply of affordable housing for homeownership.

The RFP for interested nonprofit developers or developers with nonprofit partners is available here.


For questions regarding URA Housing Programs please email Doren Hilmer, Program Assistant at or call (412) 255-6574. 


View the HOF Resource Sheet to understand commonly used terms.


For more information on any of our programs, call Program Assistant Doren HilmerĀ at 412.255.6574, or email at

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